Hind selection

Careful selection of recipients will ensure a better result from the trans-cervical artificial insemination process. It is recommended that selected hinds:

  • Are of suitable genetic merit
  • Have good frame and size
  • Are not late calvers
  • Are not too fat
  • Are on a good rising plane of nutrition
  • Fall within the condition score range of 3.0 - 4.0
  • Be weaned
  • Have no dubious breeding history
  • Are familiar with the facility
  • Have low stress level
  • Maidens questionable
Young trophy bred stags, NZ
Young trophy bred stags, NZ

Stag selection

Just as important is the selection of a stag with desired and improved genetic merit.  Some points to consider when purchasing a stag to use for AI, or purchasing semen to use are:

  • That your choice of genetics is superior to the majority of your herd
  • That there is no history of disease within the herd of origin
  • That you choose a stag strong in the desired trait you wish to strengthen
  • Use the database of DEERSelect's DBV (Deer Breed Value) to assist you with your choices, especially growth rate genetics
  • Consider the temperament history of the chosen genetics
  • Consider the history of results from the National Velvet Awards when making selections for velvet and trophy production traits

Lynne Rhodes AI Services Ltd is committed to making the best recommendations to clients on semen or genetic selection through the use of the DBV database or our personal contact with all the major studs in New Zealand.  We can arrange your semen requirements on request from any source.

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