While most facilities are suitable, the following requirements are recommended and appreciated for the safety of both the hind and the technician:

  • The hind should be held comfortably and firmly
  • The hind should be unable to go down or forward
  • The back end of the hind must be visible and accessible
  • The hind should be familiar with the facility
  • A low dust level facility (the area can be hosed down, if necessary)
  • No chemical odours, and no smoking
  • Sufficient staff to be present to keep hinds moving
  • A clean work area as close to the crush as possible
  • A sturdy bench/table for a microscope and work area
  • Good artificial lighting (no sunlight)
  • Easy access to water
  • An electricity supply
  • Work area safe from the risk of escaped hinds
  • Refreshments (hot and cold drinks are always appreciated!)
Yards Mexico
Yards Mexico

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