History of Trans-Cervical Artificial Insemination.

1985 Laproscopic artificial insemination on red deer first attempted.

Laproscopic artificial insemination with frozen semen is proven very successful. Elk and larger hybrids are also artificially inseminated trans-cervically in both hemispheres.

1996 Lynne Rhodes is encouraged to turn her extensive cervical bovine AI skills to elk and hybrids.  Red Deer and Small Hybrids are quickly included in this very successful procedure.

International demand for cervical AI sees Lynne travel extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, Canada, North and South America.

2004 Additional experienced bovine technicians are trained and working in the field.
2006 Lynne Rhodes AI Ltd continues to successfully inseminate in excess of 10,000 deer annually nationally and internationally.
 Bayley Hill Elk
Bayley Hill Elk

What is A.I.?

  • A.I. is the Artificial Insemination of hinds with the aim of diversifying the genetic base of a herd.
  • It is an extremely successful procedure with proven results.
  • It involves the combined effort of farmers, vets and an experienced A.I. team.

Why A.I.?

  • Huge genetic gain opportunity
  • Increased genetic variation
  • Condensed breeding programme
  • Cost effective programme
  • Minimised stress to the animals
  • Reduced labour input
  • Drug-free procedure
  • Reduced risk of infection or disease transfer
  • Management and feed recommendations

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