Combined effort

An AI programme involves the team effort of 3 major parties:

1. The Breeder/Farmer
It is necessary for the breeder/farmer to be responsible for the following:

  • Suitably selected hinds
  • Suitably selected sire genetics
  • A suitable, safe and hygienic handling facility/work area
  • Enough staff available to ensure continuous flow of hinds on AI day
  • A feed management programme that ensures recipients are on a raising plane of nutrition throughout the duration of the programme
  • That recommendations outlined on the AI programme provided are adhered to eg. weaning
  • Ensuring your veterinarian is booked and fully aware of his/her requirements.  If he/she has not inserted cidrs in deer before, it is important they make contact with us to discuss the procedure

2. Your Veterinarian
Your chosen veterinarian is responsible for the following:

  • Confirming dates outlined in your programme and ensuring required procedures are performed at the required times outlined
  • Providing and administering cidrs and PMSG required for the programme
  • Maintaining the highest standard of hygiene at all times when inserting and removing cidrs and when administering the PMSG

3. Your Chosen AI Company
Lynne Rhodes AI Services Ltd.,

  • Has a proven record of deer AI
  • Provides a professional service at all levels
  • Provides advice and recommendations for all programmes
  • Provides semen field evaluations on request
  • Employs personally trained experienced technicians
  • Will source semen from any stud/farm on request
  • Lynne Rhodes is the most experienced deer AI technician in New Zealand with over 100,000 deer AI’s to her name.  She also has extensive interest and experience with Elk, Red deer and White tail AI, nationally and internationally.
Cidrs in Mexico
Cidrs in Mexico

Together, we are committed to providing the best possible advice and recommendations with the aim of maximising the overall results.


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